Thursday, March 27, 2014


Thursday, March 27, 2014
I've been planning to strictly allocated time to get my assignments done before time. But, I keep on procrastinate. This bad behavior has turn my life into a vicious cycle. One of the reason that I continue to procrastinate is that my grades in all of my courses are 'still' good.

For this semester, I only have to attend two classes on Tuesday. I also have an online class, which usually have assignments such as posting at the discussion board weekly on Thursday and Sunday. One of the Tuesday's class requires me to read around 4 to 6 articles in instructional systems per week and write a reader response (synthesis ideas from the articles) or a study concept (design a study concept similar to a research proposal with research questions, participants, procedure, instruments, etc.). I personally believe that it is easier to write the study concept paper than the reader response because I need to include statements with references in the reader response.

Another class on Tuesday is not from the field of instructional systems. We learn about program evaluation, which is interesting. However, I don't think that the content will be beneficial in my degree although program evaluation might be useful in my future work setting (university).

I usually wait until Sunday or even Monday (recently) to read the articles (like I said before -- around 4 to 6 articles) and write the reader response or study concept, which is due on Monday evening. I also need to read book chapters and post in the discussion board for my online class and also respond to others' posts. Moreover, I also need to read book chapters, write and be prepared for the program evaluation class on Tuesday.

Therefore, I usually was burnout by Tuesday night because my mind was working hard from Sunday until Tuesday. Then, I'll wait again until Sunday, do the assignments... burnout ... and the cycle continues.

I don't know what am I waiting for, but I do know that I like to spent time with my husband and baby ALL the TIME!!! - but they are not to blame :)

I do realize this vicious cycle is not only killing me, but also will affect my husband and baby :(

Therefore, I promise myself to be disciplined and avoid  procrastination for the sake of my beloved family!!!

I must also keep in mind that my mother is still working hard for the family. I need to graduate on time (GOT) and support my parents!!!

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful...

This is my new journey without procrastination! --First thing: Go to the library to work on the posting and assignment for the online class :) 

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