Friday, February 22, 2013

not a dream come true

Friday, February 22, 2013
I've never dream of studying soooo far away from Malaysia ... that's why it is not a dream come true!

Nevertheless, I'm very grateful for this opportunity by Allah - got "paid" to study! awesome right? Also, I realized that I've been paid to study since I was in high school (Yayasan Sabah sponsored my secondary education, Shell sponsored my undergraduate years and then the Ministry of Higher Education and USM sponsored me to study in the States! - how cool is that? I'm blessed! Thank you Allah and my beloved parents!) except that I work as a graduate research assistant to pay my master degree fees. Well, I gain more experience from that. Alhamdulillah!!! Allah is very kind to me! And yet He continues to shower me with love and blessing by rewarding me the best of all man, my other half, my husband!
Thank you abang sayang!

sudah 2 bulan di bumi Amerika. perasaan? masih ada rasa tidak percaya! but all I would say is everything is awesome! alhamdulillah :)

At Heathrow airport, transit from KL-London-Atlanta-Tallahassee (total of 24 hours in the plane not including transit hours) exhausted! 

long hours  journey and thousands mile away from families to study instructional systems at FSU

one of the huge buildings at FSU. 

it's very cold and dry! hence, my new best friend! 

found my favorite Malaysian made! 

air balloons for advertisement 

got myself the FSU app. cool right? 

captured from inside the bus

chocolates are very cheap! this one bar of hershey's only cost less than $1! ooo... temok3!

express singaporean laksa! 

my backyard view

sambal sotong! 

maybe it's not that cold like the north of the states. but coming from Malaysia, it's really cold! 

may we have the best in our life and let Him decide the best for us! 


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sapphire said...

best nya dapat study oversea. my all time dream hihi..entah bila akan ada rezeki nak merasa study kat sana..hope satu hari nanti.. :)

study rajin rajin k.. :)

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