Wednesday, July 13, 2011

transforMe into 3D!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
watched transformer 3 in 3D @ Qbay mall with my lil sis last monday night. the movie was breathtaking! my favorite part was when shia in bee, then out of bee, then in bee again-scene! awesome! hahahahaha

bila balik rumah, rasa x puas, tengok pulak transformer 2 in my laptop! ahahahah -fanatic ey? ;p

hairan jugak bila ada yang kata transformer 3 boring dan banyak cakap ... hmmmm ... ada jugak yang kata tertidur masa menonton ... hmmmmm ... camner tu ek? hahhahahah ... lain orang lain la kan pandangan masing2 -

but, I still love the story line and action! great! tapiiii ....story line transformer 2 lagi best for me-la. esp the sad part when optimus died and when shia almost died.

the new heroin in this 3rd installation is not bad, good actually. but, she can't replace megan though -in my opinion-la. the main reason is after the end of transformer 2 when shia almost died, megan was there and they had gone through lots of things together. then suddenly there is this new girl in shia's life? not so best-la!

ape2-pon - tetap menghiburkan hati!

p/s: alhamdulillah, finished a paper for journal submission. finished amend and refine chap 1-4. currently writing another paper for IMETC 2011 and polish the final chap. がんばってください!


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