Friday, May 27, 2011

you're getting married

Friday, May 27, 2011
"Sylvie's sort of pregnant. Well not sort of. She is. Pregnant. Actually pregnant with a baby.'
'Oh Dexter! Do you know the father? I'm kidding! Congratulations, Dex. God, aren't you meant to space your bombshells out a bit. Not just drop them all at once?'
She held his face in both hands, looked at it.

'You're getting married?-'
-'And you're going to be a father?'

She hugged him once again her arms high round his neck. She felt drunk, full of affection and a certain sadness too, as if something was coming to an end. She wanted to say something along these lines, but thought it best to do this through a joke.

'Of course you've destroyed any chance I had of future happiness, but I'm delighted for you, really."

emma and dexter in One Day by David Nicholls

p/s: getting a full prep for three days writing workshop @ sungai petani


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