Wednesday, May 18, 2011

unofficially a teacher

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
happy belated teachers' day to all teachers especially in Malaysia, specifically to all my beloved teachers while am at Taski An-Nur (Tawau, Sabah), St. Patrick Kindergarten (Tawau, Sabah), SRK St. Patrick (Tawau, Sabah), SK Lahad Datu II (Lahad Datu, Sabah), SM Sultan Abdul Halim (Jitra, Kedah), Kolej Matikulasi Labuan (WP Labuan) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang). Thank you very much for all the hard work and Love sincerely poured to guide and teach me that I've become who I am today ;)

alhamdulillah, I also got a few teachers' day wishes from my students and friends through smses and also FB although am an not a teacher 'yet' ;) Thank you dearest friends and students for remembering me as a teacher ;)

as far as I could remember, I never intended on being a teacher and as I could remember, my parents really hope that I would be a doctor (I think ... hehe) as am the eldest and I have been studying at a boarding school far from home since am almost 12 years old (high & great expectation)

but, as being me, am just an average student, getting average results and alhamdulillah I manage to do well in SPM which I cried of happiness because I can't believe myself of getting that 'good' results (I did expect to fail few subjects though, luckily the lowest grade that I got was B4).

well, I didn't have any specific ambition until I got my matriculation results which was only 0.11 points from getting 4 flat ... alhamdulillah. So, not that interested into medicine and also biotechnology which is a famous and new field back then, I didn't want to work in laboratories, I prefer working with meeting people and as to nearly fulfilling my parents expectation of me being a doctor, I applied for dentistry (USM is my first choice and other universities). The application form provided eight places or courses to be chosen, therefore for the 7th and 8th places, I entered education courses in USM and also UM as I don't want to choose pure Sciences which for me are not career oriented *so sorry for those who are taking these courses ;)

I never expected that I got the 7th choice of my application based on my results in matriculation (itula, yakin sangat macamla hebat kannn ... huhu) and the saddest part was one of my friend who got exactly the same result got into dentistry in USM. Although I was shocked, but I accepted the path selected for me from Him and what came in my mind was I'll also have a title 'cikgu' (bukan doktorla kan ... hehe) and got to be celebrated each year on teachers' day ... haha (kata-kata penyedap hati ... hehe)

but, really, He knows best! best of the best! alhamdulillah

these are only a few captured memories during my teaching practical at SABAR (sekolah abu bakar al-baqir, parit buntar, perak)

make your own ice cream during science and mathematics week

make your own volcano during science and mathematics week

with my beloved students during science and mathematics week

with friends who were also on teaching practical at the same school, camping at bukit panchor

there are more ups and downs during my undergraduate studies ... but, finally I realized that am lucky and blessed to be 'chosen' to be a teacher ...

although am unofficially a teacher yet, as am currently still pursuing my studies, I'll be one, InshaAllah ;)

p/s: happy belated teachers' day to all my 'cikgu' friends and especially to my beloved friend, Mrs. Nurfatin and also Ms. Hainah, May all your effort and hard work on being the best teacher get rewarded by Him through the success of your students! and to my long time beloved friend, Ms. Ayu, I believe that you are a great lecturer to your students and they are lucky to have you as their teacher ;)

It's the satisfaction of teaching in the process of learning to be a good person - zam

alhamdulillah ;)

a teacher to be,


Bunga said...

salam ziarah...
selamat hari guru :)

Nurfatin said...

Thanks a lot my dear!
I miss you ~

hayna othaman said...

be a good teacher then zam!

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