Wednesday, February 23, 2011

your kiss is not on my list

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
recently, i've been kissed so many time by mr. charlie. d*mn you mr. charlie!!!

mr. charlie is actually an insect locally known as "charlie" and it's name is rove beetle. come from the insecta class, coleoptera order and staphylinidae famili. according to this source , rove beetles' hemolymph contain toxic that are poisonous which is known as pederin (C25H45NO9).

mr. charlie (pic source)

Surprisingly, this insect neither sting nor bite, it just "kiss" you! Maybe you will feel a lil bit itchy and you might crushed charlie on your skin without noticing it and there you go, the pederin will cause blister and eventually irritate your skin.

"kiss" mark from mr. charlie

I've been using bio oil and vaseline petroleum jelly to help me heal the irritation skin. Bio oil contains vit A and vit E which are good to our skin and natural oil such as calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oil and of course their breakthrough ingredient, the PurCellin Oil. What i like about using bio oil is that it quickly absorb into our skin not like the vaseline petroleum jelly. I just bought the petroleum jelly yesterday and spread it overnight and it still left the greasiness feel on my skin despite showering this morning.

Petroleum jelly
is actually a non-polar hydrocarbon hydrophobic compound which means that it repels water. Studies have shown that petroleum jelly has no medicinal effect on healing blisters.
From wikipedia:
Vaseline’s effectiveness in accelerating wound healing stems from its sealing effect on cuts and burns, which inhibits germs from getting into the wound and keeps the injured area supple by preventing the skin's moisture from evaporating.
Bio oil works similarly:
Bio-Oil contains no preservatives. Microbes (bacteria, fungi and moulds) require the presence of water (or water vapour) and, in most cases, oxygen, to survive and proliferate. Bio-Oil is anhydrous (no water present) making preservatives unnecessary as it is very difficult, if not impossible, for microbes to develop in this environment.

hopefully i'll get my "beautiful" skin back! so, mr. charlie, your kiss is not on my list!


p/s: my heart crushed everytime i think of it... not mr charlie, but you ... yes you...


gabanMorka said...

a friend of mine got those 'kiss' mark all over his face!

poor him

llizam said...

guess am lucky, didn't get kissed on my face ... truly poor him

hokay maah~ said...

Yupp! my friend was kissed on the face too xO

hokay maah~ said...

Yupp! same case here. My friend was kissed on the face too xO but i still love her no matter what~;D

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