Friday, February 18, 2011

money talk

Friday, February 18, 2011
For the past few weeks, I've always arrive early in the morning at my workspace. Changing my morning routine after breakfast to read the highlights news by Yahoo page give me time to rest a bit before start reading 'heavy stuff'. There will be a lot of information ranging from entertainment, people and what's happening around the world, beauty, health and so much more. I've realized that am more attracted to read more on beauty and health such as 5 sneaky things that make you look older and surprisingly more on financial tips but of course not on finance news! =p

This morning I've come to an article on 10 ways to stop marriage money fights The article give simple guideline on how to stop arguing about MONEY between husbands and wives but in my opinion really help in changing our habit and inshaAllah will bring more happy moments with our loved ones than spending more time fighting! One of the main point that attract me is "Learn when to discuss it". This is really related to our communication skills, don't wait until the bills arrived and when we are angry on something. We need to discuss when we are on the peace of mind, calm and set the time to discuss properly, make a date to discuss about the family financial (too many discuss word in one sentence ;p)

Other main points on the ways to stop arguing are:

-get organized (write down our budget, kept the bills and payment documents)
-create money saving ritual (which is important to make sure that we have something that I call a backup plan or emergency money)
-be honest and don't play the blame game (blaming our spouses on what happen is the reason on fighting, so lets be patience and stop blaming by discussing and finding the ways to set the family financial goal)

the full article: 10 ways to stop money marriage fights

*am not yet married though


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