Thursday, June 24, 2010

thinking and writing

Thursday, June 24, 2010
am currently reading a book written by M. Bakri Musa, a Malaysian-born surgeon in California who writes issues affecting Malaysia. this book was inspired by his late parents who were teachers.

an education system worthy of Malaysia is the title of the book. the writer proposed on reforming the schools, higher education and the ministry of education.

"the reforms suggested here will make Malaysians fluently bilingual in Malay and English, science literate, and mathematically competent, as well as foster a common Malaysian identity"
-quoted directly from the book description

how i really wish that our education system can really produce future generations who are competent in all the areas stated above. from my point of view, not much of Malaysian are fluently bilingual. maybe a person will be fluent in Malay, but poor in English. more surprisingly when children today can understand English word but not the Malay word. as for an example, a kindergarten child can understand the word triangle and draw it, but when ask to draw "segi tiga", they might not understand it!

am sorry for my poor written English, am still learning and i will kept on learning.

am writing in English to improve myself. ^^

from the view of M. Bakri Musa, Malaysians today have problems in speaking English because they would first think what they want to speak in their mother tongue and then translate it into English. This process is mentally inefficient and will sound "Manglish" (p. 163)

the writer suggested that our students should think in English and they will speak in English, bypassing the mental translation (p.164)

from this, i learned that when we want to write something in English, we have to think in English and then write in it. i also think that, with poor vocabulary, it's hard to think and write in English, therefore, we have to read more English books, information and resources

lets read more, then think and write in English

practice makes perfect! ^^



kenwooi said...

i think english is pretty important when it comes to the whole world =)

llizam said...

yep, am totally agree with you! english is important, but never forget our roots and national language ^^

Hapiz Rahman said...

bagus.,, rajinnyer membace.. :P

llizam said...

"ter"rajin ehheheeh ^^

asotoko said...

setuju kena rajin membaca!!! mari kita buang sifat bermalas-malasan ni. berusaha!!!

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