Friday, June 25, 2010


Friday, June 25, 2010

everyone excelled in their own ways not by the A's

a statement regarding the possibility of abolishing UPSR and PMR. the exams have made our students too exam oriented and people labeled excellent students with the A's they got. but, what will happen to our education system without these two important national exams? will they stay in focus? - one thing for sure, pursuing studies without exams really are dangerous!- that goes for me T.T


Thursday, June 24, 2010

thinking and writing

Thursday, June 24, 2010
am currently reading a book written by M. Bakri Musa, a Malaysian-born surgeon in California who writes issues affecting Malaysia. this book was inspired by his late parents who were teachers.

an education system worthy of Malaysia is the title of the book. the writer proposed on reforming the schools, higher education and the ministry of education.

"the reforms suggested here will make Malaysians fluently bilingual in Malay and English, science literate, and mathematically competent, as well as foster a common Malaysian identity"
-quoted directly from the book description

how i really wish that our education system can really produce future generations who are competent in all the areas stated above. from my point of view, not much of Malaysian are fluently bilingual. maybe a person will be fluent in Malay, but poor in English. more surprisingly when children today can understand English word but not the Malay word. as for an example, a kindergarten child can understand the word triangle and draw it, but when ask to draw "segi tiga", they might not understand it!

am sorry for my poor written English, am still learning and i will kept on learning.

am writing in English to improve myself. ^^

from the view of M. Bakri Musa, Malaysians today have problems in speaking English because they would first think what they want to speak in their mother tongue and then translate it into English. This process is mentally inefficient and will sound "Manglish" (p. 163)

the writer suggested that our students should think in English and they will speak in English, bypassing the mental translation (p.164)

from this, i learned that when we want to write something in English, we have to think in English and then write in it. i also think that, with poor vocabulary, it's hard to think and write in English, therefore, we have to read more English books, information and resources

lets read more, then think and write in English

practice makes perfect! ^^


Friday, June 18, 2010

coretan buat si putih

Friday, June 18, 2010
bengang. hanya kerana dia terganggu tidurku.

geram. hanya kerana dia habis waktu sepetang dan semalamku.

sakit hati. hanya kerana dia habis tisu-tisuku.

kenapalah kau buat hal tika aku memerlukanmu?

oh, sayangku cik putih suci bersih

moga-moga kau akan pulih esok pagi dan aku dapat meneruskan kerjaku

~ menyesal pula beli ink cucuk jarum ne. memang tak reti pun. dolu2 pun gune sekejap jer mase masih gune printer lame.

~remeh dan leceh.

marilah kite beli ink yang original. sigh*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

reasons for say anything

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
i planned to have my own blog after am married. but, thinking that am not getting married anytime soon at that time, i've decided to have a blog. ngeh3. foolish reason kan? hohoho ^^

say anything have been on my mind for my blog's name. maybe, it's simply because we can say anything in our blog rite? ;P

but, it was always because of this old time story named say anything film back on the late 80's. gosh! its actually a 1989 film, therefore, my bro n sis were just babies then! ehehehe.

i heart john cusack in this film! here's the trailer for the film:

this film was and still famous with it's iconic scene where cusack (lloyd in the film) holding over his head a boombox outside the heroin's window. there was also a reference of this sweet scene in one of the episodes from grey's anatomy! source: wiki

much of the lines and quotes in this film really adores me. source: imdb

1) cusack (lloyd): She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.

2) lloyd sister: The world is full of guys. Be a man. Don't be a guy.

3) lloyd: What I really want to do with my life - what I want to do for a living - is I want to be with your daughter. I'm good at it.


say something,
say something smart
say something clever
say something honest
say something scary
say something painful
say something meaningful



contest BY MYSELF oleh so close 2213

ini kali pertama ikut *contest*

macam seronok pula kan? heheheh

contest ini dianjurkan oleh so close 2213

dan tarikh akhir contest ini adalah pada hari jadi so close 2213 iaitu 18 jun 2010

ini peraturan contest BY MYSELF ne:

1) jadi follower so close 2213 beres

2) tepek banner serta link di sidebar beres

3) entry khas untuk contest ini beres

4) gambar dihadapn cermin dan diambil sendiri beres, tapi cermin kecil jer. bolehkan? cermin juga. ehehhehe

5) gambar original memang ori

6) gambar adalah pemilik blog betul

7) tinggalkan url kat bhgn komen entry contest by myself oleh so close 2213 beres

setelah semua beres, inilah gambar yang dipertaruhkan:

akhir sekali,

selamat hari lahir so close 2213

18 jun 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tab menu on your blog

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
do you want to have tab menus on your blog?

these are my tab menus that i've created from a tutorial shared by
adik intan nurul fateha

thank you dik ;)

LET's LEARN \(^^)/

1) create or design your tab menu by using photoshop, photoscape, picnik or picasa. i used photoscape because it's free and easy.

2) after creating/designing your tab menus, upload them to any image hosting web such as photobucket, flickr or imageshack. i used photobucket. Free and easy.

3) now, open your blog, go to design, click-> page elements -> add a gadget -> HTML/JavaScript

4) copy paste all your html code of the tab menus image that you have upload in the image hosting web.

5) click on the rich text at the right above the HTML/Java script box

6) click on each image to link them to your blogpost that is relevant.

* For an example, click the image of vintage and link it to all the post that you have labeled vintage.

*this can simply be done by clicking your vintage label and copy paste the add into the link box for the image of vintage*

7) after linking all the tab menus image, drag them to the position that you want. i put them below my blog title.

click SAVE and you can happily VIEW your new face blog!!!



blinked, striked and underlined text

in the quest of being a "tegar" blogger, i've been searching on tips and guidance on many things that will help me in blogging such as increasing web traffic, layouts, designs, cute animation and very recently about nuffnang.

much of my blogwalking, i've discovered words and letters striked and always wondered how to do that? i've been searching all the buttons provided on the compose page of the new post and couldn't find any. and yup, am too shy to ask. hohohoho

luckily for me today, i've discovered this very easy and kind sharing info on doing the things i've wondered

now, i can easily do:




i knew it was easy and probably most bloggers knew this, but nothing wrong in sharing something easy as this right?

thank you adik

intan nurul fateha


Sunday, June 13, 2010

adikku, si leftenan muda

Sunday, June 13, 2010
semalam, 12 jun 2010

hari yang manis macam gula2 lolipop yg bulat chomey tu buat my lil sis... ehehhe. semalam merupakan hari
istiadat pentauliahan diraja pegawai kadet palapes ke-29
yang berlangsung di usm, penang.

memang seronokla kan. excited sangat2. lebih2 lagi buat d usm penang kan. gosh!!!

seawal 2 minggu sebelum hari istiadat, adikku serta palapes yg bakal ditauliahkan sudah pun berada di usm untuk persediaan. berlatih kawad dari subuh sampailah ke malam!!! malam juga kadang-kadang ada raptai untuk majlis pentauliahan d dewan tuanku syed putra (DTSP), usm

acara bermula seawal pukul 7 pagi!!! memang sangat awal!!! sarapan pun tak sempat ... eheheh.

acara yang pertama berlangsung di padang kawad usm:

acara perbarisan pentauliahan diraja

acara yang kedua berlangsung di DTSP, usm:

istiadat pengurniaan watikah tauliah

gambar-gambar yang sempat aku rakamkan sebagai kenangan terindah!!!

perbarisan masuk padang. seawal pukul 7.15 pagi

ketibaan DYTM Raja Muda Perlis dan DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis

polis yang mengiringi DYTM Raja Muda Perlis dan DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis

pemeriksaan perbarisan oleh DYTM Raja Muda Perlis dan Naib Canselor USM

tabik hormat sebelum memulakan tugas sebagai "pengangkut" hadiah untuk sesi pengurniaan hadiah kepada pegawai kadet terbaik

tentera udara

tentera darat

pancaragam atm

DTSP sebelum istiadat bermula

para pegawai palapes yang bakal ditauliahkan

setelah selesai, barulah berpeluang berjumpa dengan orang yang diraikan!!!

presenting! ... my lil SIS:

adikku, si leftenan muda

tahniah adikku.
kami sangat berbangga denganmu.
semoga berjaya dan lebih berjaya di masa hadapan yang sedang menantimu

sayang selalu,

from ur sis yang terlebih excited!! ngeeeeeee ... :P


insyaALLAH kita sekeluarga will be there in shah alam this coming October for your graduation ceremony!!! yeay!!!
xo xo,
gossip girl

sedikit info:

apa itu PALAPES atau ROTU? kilk sini untuk: Rejimen Askar Wataniah dan sini untuk: Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan


Friday, June 04, 2010

mahu tidur

Friday, June 04, 2010

banyak betul yang aku mahu. sekarang rasa mahu tidur. mengantuk dan letih. tapi kalau tidur sekarang, malam nanti pasti sukar untuk tidur.

sekarang ini memang susah mahu tidur malam. rasa ngantuk, tapi tahan. tahan untuk apa, aku pun tak tahu. bila sudah baring dan sedia untuk tidur, mata pula segar. aduhhhhh ... insomnia ka apa? minggu lepas, 5 hari berturut-turut tak dapat tidur malam ...

banyak sangat fikir. fikir terlalu banyak. banyak betul fikiran.

penyelesaiannya, hanya satu. lepaskan yang sangkut ini. oh, cepatlah, cepatlah!!!

sakit jari-jemari ini seharian kerja pada hari ini. sakit mata sampai berpinar-pinar bagai orang yang perlu memakai kaca mata. sampaikan makan nasi pun tak sempat.

bila boss tanya, dah lunch? dah dah <--------- serasa mahu berkata: belum boss, sempat minum sekotak susu jer, itupun dengan selaju-lajunya menghirup air yang penuh lemak berkrim itu. dah print? dah dah semua pun dah dah. tapi bila dah pukul 5 lebih, "mmm, saya sambung hari isnin la ye Dr." sambil buat muka kasihan kerana teruk di'buli' boss ... ehehhe. walaupun banyak kerja hari ini. tapi, aku seronok. aku memang suka buat kerja. rasa bosan dan tidak berguna bila tiada kerja. satu lagi hal hari ini bila bateri h/pku mati. aduiiii... susahnya hidup. tambah2 pulak sangat memerlukannya tadi. terpaksa aku berjalan ke sana sini, tercari-cari, tertanya-tanya manalah public phone ne. orang dah tak guna kerrrr? sampai susah sangat nak jumpa? *padan muka kan, bila susah, tiada h/p baru nak cari public phone ...hohoho*

tapi, sekarang aku betul-betul mahu makan ^^

misi dan visi:
perlu melepaskan diri dari tersangkut ini!
Ya Allah, bantulah diriku ... amin

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

aku mahu pulang

Wednesday, June 02, 2010
aku mahu pulang


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